Preparing for the holiday season

Every year millions start getting ready and excited for the holiday season. It seems once Halloween isn't even over, the decorations are out and people are already discussing plans for the coming weeks. I know personally I get excited after Remembrance Day and when I start hearing the Christmas Music playing while at the Grocery Store. Or when we have a really decent first snow fall...and the kids get excited about playing outside.

Making Christmas cookies is a must in our household

I often start looking at what treats I would like to bake and what memories I would like to keep alive. There is this one item that my aunt makes and its homemade Fudge. And yes lots of people make fudge, but there is something amazing about HER fudge. After really thinking about what is so special about her fudge, I began to realize; it not just the fudge I love....its the memories of my childhood when I first tried this fudge. I remember sitting in my grandparents old farm house, with all of my cousins, Aunts and Uncles. I remember us kids sneaking into the kitchen and getting the fudge out of the freezer, and running back upstairs so they didn't see us or catch us. ( The adults totally knew what we were up too, but we had no clue) I remember the smells, the laughs and how my grandma would be running around finishing up the meal and seeing her bouncing hair as she moved. She to me was an angel and I admired her and her drive. I remember my grandpa giving me whisker rubs and calling me by my nick name he had for me "squirt".

Some people struggle with Christmas as they have lost a loved one.

Its funny how you remember some things in your childhood and they always tend to stand out. But when I think of those memories and I taste that fudge...those smells, feelings and that closeness I often felt is back in my mind and heart and man do I miss those days.

So for me, I want to try to make some of those same feelings for my own family members and have them remember them as they get older too

What is your favourite Christmas Memory? Is there something that you wish you could bring back, a person, a smell, a food?

Whats your favourite Holiday Tradition that you still do today?


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